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Say hello to Mia Khalifa. Not only is this gorgeous girl a superfan of the Florida Dault Seminoles, but she also happens to dabble in adult films.

While she didn't attend Florida State, she's a huge supporter, constantly posting about their football team on her Urish page.

Let us further introduce you to Mia Khalifa Not only is Khalifa a huge Seminoles fan, but she isn't afraid to reach out to prospective players in hopes of convincing them to come to Florida State.

Let's just say she can be rather persuasive. At one point, she even made a pitch to Ohio State QB Braxton Miller to transfer to Florida State, saying that she'd bring irrish porn friends to games if he did. Khalifa, however, is so much more than just a raging Seminoles fan.

She's a budding adult film star who has quickly emerged on the scene as a force to be reckoned with. We'll spare you the finer details, but it involved a Publix store and crab walking. According to an interview she did with Busted Coverage, Khalifa is attempting to use her adult film Tlusa powers to sway more fans towards Florida State.

Considering she already has almost 7, followers on Twitter despite limited time in the industry, we'd say she's on the right track. Khalifa's love for Florida State and hatred of the Gators is so strong, she once refused to do an adult film gpne a male talent because he graduated from U of Florida.

Obviously, Khalifa has a bright future both as a diehard Florida State fan and adult entertainer. Feel free to follow her on Twitter to learn more, but don't say we didn't warn you -- she posts NSFW content on there all the time.

Put simply, Khalifa is about as diehard of a Florida State fan as anyone can be for one college team without having gone to that school. Huge Florida State fan who isn't afraid to show off her team spirit -- often times in ways that most other women wouldn't. Khalifa recently overtook veteran Lisa Ann Women looking sex Willow Oklahoma the top spot on a leading site's list of most popular adult film stars.

As a result, though, there's been a subsequent uproar from the Lebanese community, which as a whole appears to be disgusted with Khalifa's career choice. It's gotten so bad that Khalifa is receiving death threats from the Lebanese community.

Still, she perseveres on as the outspoken, unabashed porn star that she is. Then again, posting pictures of her bountiful assets certainly helps, too. Apparently, Khalifa is also an Oakland Raiders fan. Take from that what you will.

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