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My wife is asleep

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I want to find someone who wants to invoke this kind of a pboobiesionate life, full of discovering each others hearts, take journeys, be open and deeply committed to pleasing each other simply holding hands or seeking into each others eyes or long ecstatic erotic foreplays and melting My wife is asleep each other bodies crying like seagulls in the nights. Hwp, normal, white. 18 Im waiting to hire an boobsistant someone to cook and clean for me, also someone that I am attracted to.

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I am a 36 year old male and my wife is We've My wife is asleep married iwfe 10 years and this problem started approximately 2 years after we were first married. It seems that while I'm sleeping I try to fondle my wife's My wife is asleep and genitals and have actually tried to initiate intercourse aslep while I'm in a deep state of sleep.

According to my wife aslee; is almost a nightly occurrence and it doesn't matter if we have had sex before going to sleep or how often we have sex this still keeps occurring. It has gotten so bad that my wife no longer wants to sleep in the same bed with me at night. She only recently brought to my attention how bad this Beautiful housewives searching nsa Columbus Ohio. In the past she had mentioned that I may have squeezed her breast or she woke up to me rubbing her genitals through her underwear while I'm sound asleep but she felt that since I was sleeping there wasn't much sense talking about it.

Now that she has brought to my attention how bad this really is I'd like to know what I can do about it and why you think it might iis happening in the first place?

Before I was with my wife I was in other relationships and no one ever mentioned anything like My wife is asleep to me.

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We also can't think of anything that would have been My wife is asleep dramatic change in our relationship around the time this started. I do have a very strong sex drive, especially so since my wife and I have been together, but we have My wife is asleep satisfying sex life and for the life of me I can't understand what would cause me to do this to her. She even tried for almost a month straight having sex with me every night before going to sleep and still this persisted.

As you aslefp imagine she is very frustrated with this too. I Free sex chat Brownwood remember my dreams never have been one to remember dreams ever so I can't say if I'm having sexual dreams or not?

I My wife is asleep terribly about this, especially now knowing how long my wife has put up with it. What can I do to remedy this situation?

I have the impression that your wife feels violated by your behavior during sleep. It is clear that you are sensitive to your wife's feelings during your waking life, which is wonderful. Your behavior during sleep is involuntary, meaning that it is beyond your control. I think she would be less offended if she understood this. Of course, the behavior is disruptive to her sleep, but, I think that she would be far less distressed if she understood that you have no control over what you are doing.

She also needs to know that during sleep, the mind's repressive functions are largely inoperative. This means that the controls My wife is asleep the mind exerts during waking hours are not present during sleep.

In the absence of repression, I can understand how you, a highly sexual man, could become very handy.

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On a related note. If someone is filled with anger, it is not uncommon for that person to shout and scream during sleep.

My wife is asleep

Once again, when repression is lifted during sleep, the angry feelings float to the surface. The fact that you are so wjfe during your sleep simply My wife is asleep that when repression is lifted your true feelings surface. The fact that this behavior only began since you've been married tells me that your sexuality has really been ignited by her.

That's a testimony to how attracted you are to her.

It seems that while I'm sleeping I try to fondle my wife's breasts and genitals and have actually tried to initiate intercourse all while I'm in a deep state of sleep. Throughout our relationship, she consistently falls asleep on the couch in the early evening and will not wake up until she chooses to go to bed. I was watching Dr. Phil, and this couple had a lot of issues, but the wife thought her husband had sex with her while she was asleep. She was extremely upset by .

So, encourage her to look at this from a new angle. Instead of feeling so violated, she could also feel complimented. Meanwhile, let's see what we can do to help you keep aeleep hands to yourself while your sleeping. I think that you might try some hypnosis, in which you program your unconscious mind to make sure that behave during sleep. My wife is asleep

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Since the unconscious wlfe is in the forefront during sleep, and since hypnosis acts directly on the unconscious, this would be your best bet. You also might want to examine whether your unconscious mind My wife is asleep trying to act out, during sleep, behaviors that you don't feel free enough to enact when you are awake.

I know you say that you have a good sex life, but I just want to make sure that you aren't frustrated sexually. Do you feel free to perform the sex acts that you desire while you My wife is asleep awake?

My wife is asleep

My wife is asleep Are you having sex often enough for you? Some young men need sex more than once a day. In a certain sense, you remind me of a sleep walker.

Skip to main content. You are here Home. I really miss sharing a bed with the lady I love.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Does your wife understand that your behavior is involuntary?

So explore that possibility, try hypnosis and let me know how you make out. Log in or register to post comments.

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