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Pool is a classification of cue sports played on a table with six pockets along the railsinto which balls are deposited.

The generic term pocket billiards is sometimes also used, and favored by some pool-industry Chartley-MA interracial sex, but is technically a broader classification, including games such as snookerLooking for someone who s into billiards Lookintand kaisawhich are not referred to as pool games.

There are also hybrid games combining aspects of both pool and carom billiardssuch as American four-ball billiardsbottle poolcowboy pooland English billiards. The etymology of "pool" is uncertain.

The Oxford English Dictionary speculates that "pool" and other games with collective stakes is derived from the French poule literally translated "hen"in which Its your orgasm my lady poule is the collected prize; alternatively it could derive from the verb to pool in the sense of combining objects or stakes.

The oldest use of the word "pool" to describe a billiards-like intto was made in in a Looking for someone who s into billiards newspaper. In the United States, although the original "pool" game was played on a pocketless carom billiards table, the term later stuck to all new games of pocket billiards as the sport gained in popularity, [ citation needed ] and so outside the cue sports industry, which has long favored the more formal term pocket billiardsthe common name for the sport has remained pool.

Pool is played on a six pocket table. Modern pool tables generally range in size from 3. The balls range from 2. Modern cue sticks are generally By comparison, carom billiards cues are generally shorter with larger tips, and snooker cues longer ito smaller tips.

In the United States, the most commonly played game is eight-ball. The goal of eight-ball, which is played with a full rack of fifteen balls and the cue ball, is to int a suit commonly stripes or solids in the US, and reds or yellows in the UKpocket all of them, then legally pocket the 8 ball, while denying one's opponent opportunities to do the same with their suit, Looking for someone who s into billiards without sinking the 8 ball early by accident.

In the United Kingdom the game is commonly played in pubs, and it is competitively played in leagues on both sides of the Atlantic. The most prestigious tournaments including the World Open are sponsored and sanctioned by the International Pool Tour. But tavern eight-ball also known as " bar pool "typically played on smaller, coin-operated tables and in a "winner keeps the table" Looking for someone who s into billiards, can differ significantly even between two venues in the same city.

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The growth of local, regional and national amateur leagues may alleviate this confusion billirads. Nine-ball uses only the 1 through 9 balls and cue ball. It is a rotation game: The player at the table must make legal contact with the lowest numbered ball on the table or a foul is called.

The game is won by legally pocketing the nine ball.

Frank Says: "If you're looking for a little extra power in your break, you should try a heavy In the end, the only good break shot is the one that sinks a ball, so be. Billiards is a free cue sports simulator. provided that they can be played on the existing tables (snooker for example requires some more work). Billiards is written on top of Techne. Have a look at Techne's homepage for more information . Get Inspired: How World Snooker is helping build confidence in the community Snooker, billiards & pool are skilful games that can be played by anyone, . Billiards and Snooker Association is a good place to start, and take a look at the.

Nine-ball is the predominant professional game, though as of — there have been some suggestions that this may change, in favor of ten-ball. The European professional circuit has instituted rules changes to make it more difficult to achieve a legal break shot.

Male professionals have a rather fragmented schedule of professional nine-ball tournaments.

A hotly contested event is the annual Mosconi Cupwhich pits invitational European and U. The Mosconi Cup games are played under the more stringent European rules, as of A variant using only three balls, generally played such that the player at turn continues shooting until all the balls are pocketed, and the player to do so in the fewest shots wins. The game can be played by two or more players.

Dispenses with some fouls common to both nine- and eight-ball. One-pocket is a strategic game for two players.

Each player is assigned one of the corner pockets on the table. This is the only pocket into which he can legally pocket balls.

Aiming without Aiming – How to shoot pool like a pro. When I first started playing pool (billiards), I considered myself an average player. I just look at the pocket, look at the ball, wait for that “YES” signal in my head, and shoot. It goes in on its own. How I really aim a billiards shot. For people . Those with even less experience in the game or people who are looking at getting a pool table as a gift for a young one might be more interested in the Playcraft Sport Bank Shot pool table which is roughly half the size of a regular pool table and can easily turn any normal tabletop into a billiard-playing surface. Everything Billiards Used Pool Table Buying Guide Everyone is looking for the “best deal” they can find, and as the popularity of billiards games has increased in the past few decades, so has the number of families who have purchased a pool table for their home. As people’s lifestyles.

The billiarrds player to pocket the majority of the balls 8 in his pocket wins iinto game. The game requires far more defensive strategy than offensive strategy, much unlike eight-ball, nine-ball, or straight pool. Most times, accomplished players choose to position balls near their pocket instead of trying to actually pocket them. This allows them to control the game by forcing their opponent to be on defense instead of taking a low percentage shot that could result in Looking for someone who s into billiards loss of game.

The pool table’s cabinet carries 90% of the total weight of the pool table. Thus, the legs of a pool table are another important consideration. When people play, they sometimes sit or press their upper body onto the table adding more weight to the legs. The legs have two types: post and two-piece legs. Post legs are the most preferred type since they are made from pure wood. No matter how much somebody might want a pool table, it simply doesn’t make sense for everyone’s homes. Many people don’t have the space for billiards or the area needed to really line up a tough shot without banging your cue into the wall. Looking for the ideal Pool Player Gifts? Come check out our giant selection of T-Shirts, Mugs, Tote Bags, Stickers and More. CafePress brings your passions to life with the perfect item for every occasion.

These low percentage shots are known as bolliards by one-pocket aficionados. Bank pool can be played with a full rack can be a long gamebut is more typically played with nine balls frequently called "nine-ball bank".

The balls are racked in ijto formation, but in no particular order. The object of the game is simple: Penalties and fouls are similar to one pocket in that the player committing the foul must spot a ball for each foul.

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This must be Looking for someone who s into billiards before Aberdyfi or local porn incoming player shoots. Fifteen-ball is a variant of rotation played with all fifteen balls racked in the standard triangle pattern with the ball in the center. Unlike rotation, fifteen-ball uses the nine-ball rules. The WPA represents pool in the World Confederation of Billiards Sportswhich in turn represents all forms of cue sports including carom billiards and snooker in the Iblliards Olympic Nito.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Pocket billiards disambiguation. This section needs expansion. You can help by adding to it. Lolking November 4, The WPA itself uses "pool-billiard" in its logo but "pool-billiards" in its legal notices.

Normal English grammar would not hyphenate here, and the term is actually a Germanism. A general rules booklet on pool games in general, Looking for someone who s into billiards eight-ball, nine-ball and several others.

Retrieved 15 February Oxford English Dictionary Third ed. Retrieved September 30, — via OED.

Get Inspired: How to get into snooker, billiards and pool - BBC Sport

Retrieved July 15, Union Mondiale de Billard. Archived from the original PDF on September 28, Retrieved March 5, Officially but somewhat poorly translated version, from the French original.

The Official Rules and Records Book. Billiards Congress of America.

Pool (cue sports) - Wikipedia

Retrieved 8 September Sports portal Games portal. The New Illustrated Encyclopedia of Billiards. Three-cushion Five-pins and goriziana Artistic billiards Balkline and straight rail Cushion caroms Four-ball.

Euro Tour events European Pool Championships.

Cue sports Players Organizations Competitions. The rules of games in italics are standardized by international sanctioning bodies.

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