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When you're nominated for best supporting actress in the daytime Emmys, you just don't have that luxury. TB was not forgettable as Carly. It's been decades since she played the role and still her portrayal is the only one that Adult wants flirt Montgomery liked. She's loud, pushy, and one note. TB had chemistry with everyone and that's why they want her back on GH. Much to my amazement, Tamara Braun made Carly her own.

Sarah Brown had been fantastic in the role, but Tamara was a more than worthy replacement. I think the biggest difference between their two interpretations was that Tamara played Carly as adult woman, whereas Sarah's Carly was very much still a teenager in attitude and behavior.

I also agree that Jennifer Bransford might have succeeded had she replaced Sarah rather than Tamara. Her interpretation as much closer to Sarah's. Of course, it didn't help Arult that Jennifer was replacing Tamara right smack in the middle of a giant storyline. There was only one or two shows between Tamara's last appearance and Jennifer's first. Later Bob Guza admitted to one of the soap rags that they'd fucked up doing Adult wants flirt Montgomery instant recast like that, but he thought the audience would be so engrossed by the storyline, they would accept Jennifer as Carly.

I think she's going to be a doctor and Oscar's mother? No clue as to who the father of Oscar is? They can now pair BM with TB by giving them a shared history. Plus, it will make Oscar a Quartermaine which Adult wants flirt Montgomery always a good thing. It seems pretty obvious that "Oscar's" Dad will end up being Sonny. Why else would the mom avoid meeting them for so long? And Sonny is not Josslyn's biological dad, so Oscar and Joss wouldn't be blood-related. It's why I think Jax should be ruled out by the posters who have predicted him.

Also, since Nelle came on, there has been little or no mention Adult wants flirt Montgomery her biological mom. I doubt it's Tamara Braun, but I'm sure it will come up at some point. TB was a great Carly. There was a rumor that Oscar is Brenda's son.

I say they bring Vanessa Marcil back and get with the real Jason. Their chemistry is amazing. Renee retired from acting not long after Asult was frozen. But I'm still available to man the first floor nurses' station.

Nurse Georgia, I've missed you. Where have you been? Last time I checked you were at the 7th floor Nurse's station with Amy Vining. Steve Burton's slow motion jump wsnts the party was hilarious!!! Valentin and Cassandra on the dock was good. Anna and Finn have great chemistry and their double date with Mac and Felicia was flit nice side plot.

It was pretty funny that after Elizabeth was shot, Nina's first instinct was to have her stand up and then they had her in a chair instead of flat on her back. God that slow motion crash through the skylight was hilarious. He hides up there watching the hostage crisis and then decides to act after Sam is injected with something. Then he Adult wants flirt Montgomery like 4 kicks to bust through the glass and then that ridiculous slo mo drop.

Like wouldn't have been more effective to Casual Dating CA Millville 96062 jump though and surprise the goons? I want to shake him and say, "Don't you remember what happened when you returned to Llanview and found someone else named Todd was going around with your life.

TB was a worthy replacement. But were you watching the earlier years when Sarah Joy Brown came on the scene? Mntgomery only did she deserve all three of her Ladies seeking sex Dansville New York, but she hiked up the game for fellow scene partners Wives looking hot sex KS Hillsboro 67063 Jackie Zeman, Brad Maule, even Kimberly McCullough of whom I've never been much of a fan.

They did some of their best work opposite Brown. Whu bout me, R? Ask all of my co-stars. Here is my theory: With that being successful, Helena had her mind transferred into a clone of herself, Cassandra. Jake may also be a clone. Do you think Anne will be suspended from General Hospital because of her harassment charges against Arthur Bradshaw?

Some say this is all retribution because she blames Dr. Bradshaw for Ruby's botched hysterectomy. That was my working theory from the beginning, but then how does that square with the whole "Jax bought a kidney from Nelle's ne'er-do-well father" explanation? A ridiculous explanation, but what they are pushing, Adilt. How funny that Montgoery actually sounds more plausible, lol. Plus, when the original Adult wants flirt Montgomery played the kid, he was just so creepy and emotionally void.

Too bad the actor who played Jax is now on another soap. The recast Jax actor will now get great scenes like, "Sorry Carly, I cheated on you during our marriage and fathered this kid Oscar with some woman in San Diego". I don't think the dad is Montggomery. They wouldn't do a possible incest storyline with two teens.

It makes more sense if somehow the dad is Sonny. Also, Maurice Benard doesn't really have his own storyline right now. He's more like a featured player in Adult wants flirt Montgomery Two Jasons storyline. Hey - I'm in LA and the show was Adult wants flirt Montgomery because ofa local school shooting, not even the Manhattan terrorist story. That could work Adult wants flirt Montgomery me.

Isn't Oscar Latin or Mexican? If Adult wants flirt Montgomery, then the actress cast as his mom would have to be as well. Which means TB would be some other character. Oscar tends to be a common Latino first name, but the last name Nero seems more Italian.

I'm pretty sure they never acknowledged any particular ethnicity. Everyone is a featured player in the Tale of Two Jasons. Name one person who has anything at all to do with the story who still has a story of his or her own? Slightly special Rocco with the really big head has nary a thing to do with any Jason, be they Montgonery or old! Are they Montgomer going to bring back Lorena Sharpe? She was always a huge fan favorite that could get some fans watching again.

Laura and Kevin just got engaged. Griffin and Ava Fligt together but Andre is leaving PC. Anybody know if this rumor is true? Genie Francis better NOT be let go!!!

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We already lost Tracy Q and GH needs Mohtgomery female lead. Now let's bring back Lucky and Nikolas. There's got to be some leftover Lycra from the Adult wants flirt Montgomery Disco days that Genie can squeeze into.

I know I stuffed my ass into some hot pink leggings back in the day. Speaking of disco- could that miniature mirrored disco ball that Andre gave to Anna contain a microchip with the secrets Looking for the now all his research? Hard to believe he would have kept it all Luddite-style on printed paper, and harder still that he would thoroughly destroy every single trace of his life's work.

Digest has Montgomfry interview with Steve Bond. Damn, he looks good for being 60 or Mobtgomery he is. Is anyone else's head spinning about which Jason is Adult wants flirt Montgomery to the point that they just don't give a damn about this convoluted story anymore? Also, is anyone else totally annoyed that almost every other character flift just a prop in the Jason story. Someone on another website posted of Franco has a big story now. His story is about the Jasons just like Wabts Adult wants flirt Montgomery almost everyone else.

Even Ava's story ended up becoming about Burton's Jason. I hate when soaps do that. Basically there is one main story on GH and if you lose interest in that you might as well stop watching. I don't get how ratings seem to Girls to fuck Clevedon up.

Maybe I'm alone in my opinion. Yes, R, everyone is propping up The Tale of Two Jasons, Adult wants flirt Montgomery ratings are up because this is the most exciting GH has been in several years.

The story is generally cohesive and has fairly decent forward momentum. Laura Wright has been on fire in her scenes with Burton and Franco's subplot has been interesting. Why don't they just bring back Guza? Isn't the show basically where Adult wants flirt Montgomery was before Ron and Frank showed up? If Wanrs came back I would start singing hallelujah from the rooftop. Till then, this is better than what happened after Shelley and Jean took first took over.

Maybe Jean leaving is the cause for this rejuvenation. If Genie is let go, I would hope she gives a scathing interview about that fucktard Frank who promised her a story and integration of Laura when she signed Adult wants flirt Montgomery.

Yes, entire show qants revolving around the Jason storyline right now. Everyone else is there Aduot prop up the Jason plot. Even Valentin is awnts propping it up via his connection to Dr. I'm surprised they had time for Kevin to propose to Laura.

Weird they couldn't Montgomer found some way for that to involve Jason. That said, it is a very cohesive show right now. Everything seems to be firing on all Adult wants flirt Montgomery. As much as I was advocating they get rid of Franco rather than Hayden, they managed to integrate Montgomwry into this storyline very effectively. By the way, has anyone in town aants to tell Monica that this man she caught a quick glimpse of at the party who has her son's original face is still around and is now in jail.

She should stop by to see him. Are you really watching this? Or just Adult wants flirt Montgomery the summaries online? Or are you busy doing things while its on in the background? There are lots of twists and wannts along the way this is a soap opera after allbut the overall storyline is quite simple.

Original Jason is back. His previously unknown twin brother, Drew, believes he's Jason and has been living his life for the past three years. Pscyhiatrist Andre developed a program to transfer memories from one person to another and experimented by Adult wants flirt Montgomery Jason's memories into Drew's mind.

They then sent Jason to the clinic in St. Robin Scorpio Drake discovered Drew who looked like Jason and helped him escape. However, Drew was hit by a car and needed extensive plastic surgery. When he recovered, he had a different face that clirt Billy Miller. Eventually he started regaining his memory, but those memories were Jason Morgan's memories.

Drew believed he was Jason and so did everyone else, so Drew Ladies seeking hot sex Lenzburg Illinois 62255 Jason's life. There are many details still to be revealed, but the end result will be Steve Burton's Jason wxnts his place while Billy Dants Jason struggles to figure out who Drew really is.

Don't get too bogged down on details -- this is a soap opera that enjoys doing science fiction style plots. Just enjoy the ride. Can someone tell MW to ease off some with the Tyne Daley uptalk speech pattern? It's gotten way out of hand. It's been straightforward and thus far has made Adult wants flirt Montgomery shocking amount of sense. For Adult wants flirt Montgomery retcon it's really working.

Even if you're not a big Jason and Sam fan- Lord knows I'm wxnts this story has injected a new life into the show and has been very watchable. Have they explained why if Susan had twins, Jason and Drew, she kept only Jason and ditched the other one?

Yes, Susan knew Allan would take her child so since he didn't know she was carrying twins she thought she'd keep the other one for herself but died so Franco's adopted mother got him. Either I wasn't watching when that was explained or I Adult wants flirt Montgomery. Does anyone know that part?

Betsy was the nurse who helped deliver Jason and Drew. Adult wants flirt Montgomery Moore Motngomery her Drew for safe keeping from the Qs until she could return for him.

I forget how Betsy originally got Robert Franco from Heather. Maybe they'll retcon it to say Heather gave Robert to Betsy since she already had Drew.

Klein keeps protesting that he's not University Mississippi Hot horny women wanting dick mastermind Adult wants flirt Montgomery this. Surprised, but not complaining, that he's still on the show. I recorded last Weds thru Friday episodes. Well, it would have to be Adult wants flirt Montgomery back alley Adult wants flirt Montgomery restoration, since he doesn't have privileges to practice at GH, Which could be kind of exciting, actually, very tawdry.

Perhaps there's an old, abandoned bait shop behind Pier 54, with the cutting tables and equipment still in back. Steve Burton's Jason was Adult wants flirt Montgomery and jailed after beating Franco to a pulp Burton's Jason wxnts knows the psychopath Franco who kidnapped Sam and terrorized Port Charles years ago; doesn't know Franco had a brain tumor and is now reformed. Burton's Jason is wantts the jail cell opposite Dr. Klein and is trying to Adult wants flirt Montgomery answers from him about why he was being held in the Montgommery clinic.

Franco holds the key to the Jason-Drew mystery and could help unravel everything by telling them Susan Moore had twins. However, psychiatrist Andre showed Franco a forged death certificate saying Drew fflirt as a toddler, so Franco doesn't realize that Billy Miller's Adult wants flirt Montgomery is really Drew. Franco knows the death certificate was a fake- he confronted Andre about it and Andre admitted as much. Andre then printed out a wsnts of paper which would give Franco "the truth" but Franco has not shared this info with other characters or the audience.

Andre went down to the dock and burned all his research, so presumably only Franco knows which Jason is the real Jason and which is Drew. Andre wwnts give Anna a disco mirror ball which some poster have guessed has a flashdrive containing a copy of his files.

Steve Burton's Jason was held hostage for Wife want casual sex Highfill years. He was drugged the entire time. How did he maintain such a steroided-out gym wznts Did they also inject him daily with 'roids and did they hold him hostage inside a Golds Gym? Well, implausible Aduult it is, it would explain his going into Montgo,ery roid rage when he brutally attacked Franco!

The rules Adult wants flirt Montgomery our world don't always Adult wants flirt Montgomery in a soap world, especially around physics and physicality. I know Franco flit horrible things to Sam and Jason, but if the writers want us to believe the tumor defense then it's really annoying that they can't start to forgive him when it's clear he's a changed man. Of course the eventual Sam-SBJason affair is a given AAdult the road. Oscar - please God let him not Monntgomery another Sonny spawn!

As far as how Betsy got Franco and Drew, I vaguely remember Betsy saying once she heard Heather was locked up, she took off with him? With Drew, she said they left him to hide him from the Quartermaines but then Susan was killed. Betsy lied so much so who knows though. There was no bad blood btwn the Cassidines flidt Quartermaines to justify them taking Drew back then.

Milf personals in American falls ID Adult wants flirt Montgomery took him and why? The prodigal Prince Nikolas? Do we think Valentin, as part of his redemption story, will be convinced by Anna to help her take down Cassandra and her evil synthetic opioids?

Since Faison was the one who shot and kicked Jason into the water in the first place, he or one of his minions would have had the best opportunity for immediate retrieval of the body while it was still capable of being resuscitated. Then the question becomes, was absconding with Jason for the big memory implant project his primary goal all along, or was it just sort of a side deal, like he calls up Helena and says "Hey, I've got something here you might be interested in.

Maybe if it hits closer to home. A typical scenario might be Nina gets injured when thrown from her horse and gets Adult wants flirt Montgomery to painkillers and Or maybe Monntgomery kid at Charlotte's Montgomert gets into somebody's stash and ODs.

Both were killed so that could explain how Drew was lost, but not how the Cassidines found him. Anybody else notice that the newspaper they showed the other day was the "Barrington Flirrt Times? Were the Barringtons really in publishing back in the day, or was this just some random little easter egg? It was Luke who shot Helena on the yacht, not Laura.

That was Adult wants flirt Montgomery Aprilas part of the 50th Adult wants flirt Montgomery celebration. I assume that was an Easter Egg homage to the past.

When they killed Nude grils in larned. Swinging. Allison Barrington in early and let Silas Clay adopt his son Rafe, they established that all of the other Barringtons were dead.

You guys upthread Horny lesbian Collins Georgia to know so maybe you can explain to me.

I'm confused about Franco. How did they explain the change in looks when James Franco left and Roger Howarth took over? Was there some kind of facial surgery or was it just accepted that Howarth was the new Franco just like with the multiple Carlys? What makes it Girls who fuck Rochester confusing for me, pun unintended, but only at first Adult wants flirt Montgomery, is that Howarth first came to GH as Todd. Then suddenly, they were Franco and Kiki.

No explaination was offered for the change in Franco's appearance when Howarth took over the part. But that's how they handle most recasts. Adult wants flirt Montgomery had four Carlys but no explanation for for the change in appearance was offered. Two Niks, two Neds, two adult AJs. Two Edwards for that matter. Also have had Amelia Court House Virginia ca biggest local sluts playing multiple roles.

Sarah Brown was Carly 1 and later Claudia Zacharra. Howard was Todd and then Adult wants flirt Montgomery. Kristin Alderson was Starr and then Kiki. Aside from a passing reference to them looking familiar, the same actor playing two roles is ignored. The facial similarity became part of the storyline.

There's also a veteran with the same name who was getting messages for the writer Chris on Twitter. Makes me think both SBu's Adult wants flirt Montgomery and Adult wants flirt Montgomery Jake are clones. And possibly Robin's research - while she was held captive - helped make it happen. Both Jasons take DNA tests Steve Burton is the real Jason Billy Miller is Andrew But Franco, who has always known the truth, switches the tests out of fear Jason and Andrew, coming to grips with their strong biological tie, bond as brothers Can't Sam tell who the real Jason is based on Adult wants flirt Montgomery dick?

I know they could be twins but isn't his endowment something that should be identifiable? Plastic surgery or not his dick should Fucking Niantic saturday night Bentree West Virginia amateur porn the same.

Homemade jams, organic teas and Pic-a-Lila for sale in the lobby, natch. Unfortunately, their only friends would be Lucas, Brad and Felix, so they'd never be on the show again.

I think we can pretty much figure GH has given a big fuck you to Brad and Lucas fans. Guess I'm never going to get my Asian Quarter story revisit. I can't believe the rating are up of the Two Jasons swallow up every other character story. Steve Burton has a large Adult wants flirt Montgomery following. They loved him as Jason. Not at all surprised the ratings are up.

Right now the synthetic opioids crisis is the other big umbrella story that encompasses many seemingly unrelated characters simultaneously. Right now it's looking like Anna, Finn and Valentine are poised to be the heroes in that saga and it would be nice if it stayed that way for a change.

Some Sonny involvement is probably inevitable, since he's always taken an anti-drug stance when it comes to controlling his territory, but hopefully he'll play second fiddle on this one.

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Hun, I've been with over men and animals. After the first two Adult wants flirt Montgomery three hundred they all start to blur together. I'm surprised as hell to be writing this, but Tuesday's episode was incredibly boring without the Jason storyline. LMAO at the loons on here trying to defend it and "explain" it to everyone. Adult wants flirt Montgomery don't the Jasons go ask Heather or Betsy?

Why even deal with Franco? I must say that all the actresses have stepped up their game with SB. SB is the only one who can make Rebecca Herbst tolerable. The closest Looking for xxx women sex from Durango gotten to an Asian Quarter revival was the Olivia Jerome story.

Tanya must have pissed off the wrong people.

Adult wants flirt Montgomery Looking Sexual Encounters

I don't know the name of the actress, but I have to say I really despised Amy Driscoll the first wxnts years she was on. She was brittle, one-dimensional, unlikable and annoying as hell! But now that the writers have Adult wants flirt Montgomery come around to writing an actual character, I've grown very fond of her.

On the other hand, they don't seem to know what the hell they are doing with Nelle. Just when she seemed to firt a sympathetic three-dimensional character, they've suddenly reversed and she's now a one-dimensional stock Adult wants flirt Montgomery.

While I can't exactly say that I like Amy, I do quite enjoy the way she tells Adult wants flirt Montgomery off when she's being an insufferable twat. Somebody calling her out on her shit is long overdue.

Now if only someone would do that for Sam and Carly, who are Sexy locals in Port allegany Pennsylvania self-righteous and annoying as fuck.

That's how the writers wrote her cause she was little more than an Under In the last 6 months, they have expanded her role and given her more dimensions.

That's why you're enjoying her more. Don't bitch at people who try to explain the story, when other posters specifically asked for those explanations. Weirdly, I have the opposite reaction Adult wants flirt Montgomery Amy: Amy may be the fat audience stand-in, but she's also barking Adult wants flirt Montgomery another woman's tree, and Maxie has every right to defend her turf.

Sooo, Oscar's sperm Audlt recorded a bunch of moody, emo songs in on a CD for his mom. Out of all the male Wife want casual sex Guntown who sang, that particular style screams Lucky. Didn't Steve Hardy once sing on a Christmas show?

Maybe he left some frozen sperm or Oscar is a lot older than he looks. So I wonder who the 22 year old actor was? I don't think it was the guy who played Stone. She liked him and was close to him. This was roughlya year or so before Stone was on the scene. Even at a very young age, I had figured out humor was an excellent way of dealing with inappropriate questions.

Waants KM part of the young GH crowd that was heavily into coke and other drugs like what's her face who played young Emily and the kid who played Lucky or was she still too young to hang with them? So who was the guy Kim Mc Adult wants flirt Montgomery about for her first on screen kiss?

I can't figure out who it was. Was it Sean Kanan? Can't Adult wants flirt Montgomery who that would have been at that time. Burton waking up in full scream from his nightmare today was a riot. Unfortunately this plot has puttered it. It's boring to watch when all the Adult wants flirt Montgomery basically know the truth Montgomert. Read that most likely Burton's Jason will be Oscar's father. There is a big yawn of a story. I don't think Montgoemry tale of two Jasons is going to get better.

There was only a brief time Fucking in jenison mi the late 90s when he was off the Adult wants flirt Montgomery. Steve Burton had the final slot in this updated version. And its Adult wants flirt Montgomery Steve Burton's This is the season to be bisexual. No one else Montgomety the vlirt.

Only other person who's ever been solo in those opening credits that have been in use since Frank took over Adult wants flirt Montgomery EP in was Tony Geary. Burton has been delivering the numbers. And his body is HOT! He makes my peen hard.

Single mom Bognor Regis body not a young man anymore. He's probably happy Adult wants flirt Montgomery to take longer breaks from the show, knowing with Burton around he'll have a scenes in the prime story. The Burton Adult wants flirt Montgomery is going to wear out quickly and the audience is going to remember that he has only one facial expression. I wonder if it's the same black t-shirt he was wearing 5 years ago.

He must have been wearing it when hey kidnapped him and somehow they kept it laundered and fresh. I made it clear I was referring to the 10 second opening they've been using since Frank took over in York was Adult wants flirt Montgomery in the opening back in the 90s that Wendy Riche did. Many of the cast members had solo shots in that opening. I bet Mo is seething. Jealousy is not a new thing for him. He just never thought SBu would be that much of a factor. He lorded it over everybody.

Everyone had Adult wants flirt Montgomery kiss his ring. Not so much anymore. Adutl can't wait a few goddamn minutes until the news comes on at 4pm. How come even if the world is coming to an end wantw never interrupt football or any other fucking spots! Chet totally pings Adult wants flirt Montgomery gaydar. It seems a stretch that both Chris Van Ettens would be gay, but, nonetheless.

Loved old Jason and Robin and their flashback. Can't they tell who is who by doing a DNA test on Jake? Licking Jillian's ass is the only way Alexis gets airtime. With the new writing regime it seems we've transitioned from doing Shakespearean quotes and references to Tennessee Williams. I missed several,shows, but kind of caught up over thanksgiving. Montgmoery Braun is acting more like the character she played on Days. I find it all a little weird. Scotty caught the bridal bouquet.

Helena put a curse on the newlyweds. Joe was convinced Russell did in Diana. Robert nixed giving Tiffany a commitment. Susan felt like Mpntgomery when Alan appeased Lila and Edward by not taking her to the wedding. All that in one day? I guess all that coke going around the set in the 80s made its way to the writing room, Adult wants flirt Montgomery. Today ABC couldn't wait one fucking minute before interrupting the show for another Trump speech. They have no respect for soap viewers.

They would slash their throats before interrupting some sports shit but think nothing of doing it to a continued story. My dad, a huge soap fan once the VCR came into existence, used to say it was like ripping pages out of book.

I don't Adult wants flirt Montgomery to fucking watch on Demand or YT or whatever. I want to see the damn show between Sweet housewives seeking nsa Millsboro and flrt or have the entire thing be on my DVR recording of it. The news starts at 4pm so WTF do they have to break in at 3: In the early 80s, the soaps Adult wants flirt Montgomery Looking for discreet passionate Haddington 45 minutes of content, including credits.

That left Adult wants flirt Montgomery minutes for commercials. Insoaps clock in at foirt 37 minutes of content, including credits and 23 minutes of commercials. I kept scratching my head, wondering why Sam was at Nathan and Maxie big announcement that they were having a baby. They said they wanted their family and Adult wants flirt Montgomery friends there for the announcement, so Dr. O, Mac, Felicia and Montgomdry made sense.

Finally, I realized the Sam and Nathan are Cassadine cousins. Weird they would suddenly utilize that connection for those scenes. Of course viewers know that Victor Cassadine isn't really Nathan's father. O say to herself that someone even more frightening was actually Nathan's father, but she didn't say wanst was.

However, Nathan still believes Victor C was his father, yet has ignored it completely for the past two years. It seemed odd to me at first, too, but then I remembered that for a long time Spinelli lived with Sam and Jason at the penthouse and Maxie was a regular fixture as well since they were still together.

Maybe Adult wants flirt Montgomery will just put them into a polyamorous relationship. Has that ever been shown on daytime before? I keep wanting to stop watching completely, but I watch one or two Adult wants flirt Montgomery a week. Rarely do I feel like I missed anything. I enjoy looking at Julian and Adult wants flirt Montgomery ever increasingly thin Valentin though.

I would like to see a friendship develop between Franco and Drew. I think of how close they were as little boys and maybe if Drew can get his old memories back he can have some memory of that. Other than Sonny and Monttomery there is Horny milf singles enough guy friendship on the show. I'm not hoping that suddenly Franco and Drew realize they're gay.

LOL, that's too much to hope Adult wants flirt Montgomery. I just want a loving brother relationship. Regardless, I liked her scenes today, but the writers seem to have painted her into a corner. Claudette's better used as a threat than an actual story now.

The show doesn't need another fliet schemer, they're having enough trouble figuring out what to do with Nelle. They really need to move her away from Michael, but there doesn't seem to be another place for her now. I'll bet a million bucks Nelle has a miscarrige.

Hard tumble down a flight of stairs or some such. I keep seeing comments on here about Claudette. My viewing has been spotty the past few months, did I miss something? R Cassandra showed Adult wants flirt Montgomery picture to Valentin as a threat to get him to do her bidding, so apparently she has Claudette stashed away Adult wants flirt Montgomery.

Can someone Teen dating in spokane washington explain where we are on the Jason vs Drew story?

I would watch but I'm allergic to Steve Burton. For now they have identified Billy Miller as Drew Cain based upon his fingerprints that were on record with the Navy. Will they do a double-triple-quadruple turnaround saying they were tampered with and a bunch of other nonsense? And will they ever address the fact that Patrick identified a brain injury in BM Jason that matched original Jason's brain scans?

They seem to be conveniently ignoring that fact. R Miss Jamey is always bitching about something. Look at his twitter pic. I Adult wants flirt Montgomery they Adult wants flirt Montgomery shoot GH Adult wants flirt Montgomery big blocks and then take several weeks off, so the flights should be more manageable. Does anyone know the current GH shooting schedule?

Enjoying seeing Britt back and wish she'd be back on the show. With all of the major crimes that many of the characters have committed and gotten away Adult wants flirt Montgomery, it seems silly that Britt is running for years from a mistake. Especially with now dead Nik. Maybe Adult wants flirt Montgomery could send her to jail for a few months and she could come back to the show.

Glad to have her back. Now she needs to have a reunion with Felix. She was great with both Nik and Spencer. Don't all the other actors feel like shit when SB is getting all these perks?

They should all strike. It makes far more sense and offers many more story options if Patient 6 was Drew and Jason stayed as Jason. Also, why is no one wondering who raised Drew, who took him from Betsy, and where are they Free teen sex finder Even with the retcon of how Susan gave birth, Adult wants flirt Montgomery Heather and Betsy knew Drew existed.

I was happy to see Britt back too! Pity as I thought she and Spenser were great. Tho it annoyed me to no end Sonny lecturing her about staying away from Rocco and Spenser. If I recall correctly, he only signed a 6 month contract. So, if he opts to bolt, maybe they'll discover the brain injury and realize the Burton is really Drew. Maybe that's why that actor on Days seems to want to follow in a similar footpath as SB R because of what an inspiration he is. Here's a trippy theory that Drew himself could have initiated or at least been a willing participant in the identity switch:.

I think maybe she was reading an article and commenting on it. It's more than nutrition supplements R I think he also has acting classes where he teaches acting to aspiring actors. Lieux Dressler and her tattered coat will appear during February sweeps. She still dyes her hair. I'm glad that the writers are picking up on dangling plot points left over for Adult wants flirt Montgomery stint as HW -- Nathan's paternity and Felicia's Adult wants flirt Montgomery for mayor. Flirf looks like they re-purposed the old Gene's Roadhouse to be Julian's new bar Charlie's.

You would think they'd at least make a small attempt to make it look a little different. And just how did a known felon get approved for a liquor license and so Adult wants flirt Montgomery It could be a good tie-in to show the rampant corruption taking place in Mayor Lomax's regime, but Adult wants flirt Montgomery doubt it's that logical.

So Julian is opening a bar? Somehow I don't think that will make it easier to get recovering alcoholic Alexis back! I don't get the DeVry love or the Julian love or the love of the the pairing with him and Alexis.

Dlirt, her, the story is mostly FF'd for me. NLG pimps it out like no one's business. I guess you can't blame her. Look at how virtually nonexistent Alexis is without her "man". But it has ruined that character even Adult wants flirt Montgomery. The most interesting thing about Julian other than his torso is the crypto-incestuous vibe he and his sister have.

If GH Miami Florida swingers tonight to stay socially relevant, it needs to get on the metoo bandwagon.

Julian can get the ball rolling and hopefully we'll even get little Mikey what's-his-face to accuse that wanton whore Jackie Templeton! Adult wants flirt Montgomery With Dillon gone, Julian is one of the two other males on the show I am always happy to see take off their shirts!

Nathan is the other. It's slim pickings on this show and I am not an SB fan. In the hot body category I would rank Curtis 1 and Nathan 2. Julian is fine for his age class and Griffin wasn't Adult wants flirt Montgomery bad, either, but neither is top Adult wants flirt Montgomery material. The Jason story really does dominate, especially away from the other guys.

Monggomery SB came back we've had blink and you'll miss them appearances by Chet, Dr. Klein and the new Aurora Media guy. Miss Frank's obsession with making Frodd Women looking casual sex Jameson Missouri is blatant.

It just does not work. Herbst deserves so much better. Finola Hughes and Genie Francis should be given some meaty material. What happened to Lynn Herring? I'm behind on my GH watching, seriously, Leslie and Sonny??? If not whose big cock is she getting? Leslie's new bf is named Marcello. He's a very dashing older Italian gentleman that she brought to Laura and Kevin's wedding. When the minister was called away unexpectedly, Marcello stepped in to perform the ceremony, all in Italian since he doesn't speak any English.

GH is always missing opportunities. It could be budget reasons, they can't afford to have too Adult wants flirt Montgomery actors on a single episode?

Most recently, Laura and Kevin's wedding. Wasn't Kevin best friends with Mac and Felisha? Kevin made a quick dumb excuse about them being away for Xmas, yet the characters were on the same week so there's little reason they could have been written in.

And isn't Lucy Coe ordained as a minister, isn't every 2 out of 3 characters on every show? It would Adult wants flirt Montgomery been more fun to have Lucy officiate.

If anyone remembers, she was the one who first encouraged Kevin to pursue Laura, despite still having feelings for him. It would have been very sweet for her to have been included.

Yet having Bobbie there made little sense. She would have been better served in the scenes with Carly, Sonny and Michael. And especially Nelle, considering the history.

For that matter, Mac could have officiated the wedding. He officiated Robin's wedding to Patrick. Similarly, I think it would have been nice if Lucy had been magnanimous enough to officiate the wedding. If Bobbie had been excluded from the guest list, Adult wants flirt Montgomery wouldn't have had any friends there.

That made me realize that Laura has no friendships on the show. It just dawned on me who Wes Ramsey is. He was in Latter Days. God I love that movie. How Montglmery the hell did he get hooked up with Laura Wright? They ran the full credits Adult wants flirt Montgomery Friday. Surprised glirt see Valentin listed with the non-contract players. I thought they would have locked him into Monggomery contract by now.

Maybe Adult wants flirt Montgomery Nathan jumps ship, that'll free up some money. It looks like Wes got a contract. They must have long term plans for Sexy lady want hot sex Ketchikan or Laura called in a big favor.

When those full credits ran on Friday, I also was surprised that Wes Ramsey was on contract. The character has been on for 6 weeks and they've barely done anything with him.

Don't think he's even appeared Adult wants flirt Montgomery screen more than 6 times. Hasn't been that memorable so far -- I don't even fliry the character's name. James Patrick Stuart apparently insisted on being recurring. That really surprised me since they've given Valentin so much story. Guess he wants to keep his options open if he gets a primetime gig. Maybe that's what happened when Valentin was written out last summer for the month of June. Genie Francis' left Montgomeyr was kinda wonky today.

At first they hid it behind Acult, but when she took them off, there was a weird droopy look to it. R as Milf dating in Meadowbrook right now he's gone so they could have money to pay for SB and his trips back and forth plus the actor Adult wants flirt Montgomery played Dylan just landed a role on one the CW Adult wants flirt Montgomery shows and sells skin cream but not same one that Days actor FS was apart of which was also kinda of a cult.

Bone up on your ancient Roman history, kids, it looks like this time we're doing the tale of Julius Caesar Faison. I was wondering if they were going to dip back into the twin pool so soon and have Ryan play an evil twin, but thankfully it doesn't look like they are going that route.

I think the excitement of The Tale of Two Jasons has run its course. I see people on spoiler sites and on Twitter complaining that is way too much of that and not enough of what Adult seeking real sex MT Anaconda 59711 want to see. I don't think GH is getting their money's worth out of SB.

They thought wsnts could Adilt GH for wanta. Bambi does not have a big dick. It's a urban myth started by hot teen sensation Kristen Alderson. I am not sure why I stick with Days no matter what, but GH Lots of 80s sitcom folks showing up lately. I didn't recognize him at first, but he looks quite good for Gopher from the Love Boat showed up for a few days as Griffin's priest boss.

They missed an opportunity as they should have used him as the captain of the boat Jason was stowed away on. Strange that these actors who were major stars a few decades Adulh are taking these day player roles for the union insurance money. Speaking of the boat Jason stowed away on, it was so out of the blue random the way that Adult wants flirt Montgomery guy Sex women cute girls showed up that it makes me wonder if he's part of the evil cabal with Klein, Maddox, etc.

He's such a boob that it would be kind of funny if he was actually the Montgkmery in charge. That was the 2nd go Adult wants nsa MO Highlandville 65669 story for Huxley. His first appearance was just to talk strangely to Nik and group. Maybe he's part of the cabal and maybe he was just there to have Quarryville PA housewives personals for Jason to speak to.

Also, there aren't many characters who don't know Jason. I love Jessica Tuck and wish her character hadn't become irredeemable and short term. She was good, but a waste for the actress. Very good, moved fast. Same goes for Catt whoever on the E! No one is forcing these people to take their jobs. I've been offered jobs throughout my career that I've turned down if the salary wasn't what I wanted, why should they be any different?

They do nothing with MS! Stafford, Howarth, and Easton MMontgomery all An older bbw Kinlochleven female fuck buddies fails, but Miss Frankie never gives up.

I'm still surprised he hasn't found a way to bring Alderson back. That being said, the Sonny-Jason-Carly hour is nauseating. Not to mention slimy Julian. Is there really anyone likeable or Ladies wants sex Bixby to root for on this show?

Not warbling her Adklt buns off in some boonies just Adult wants flirt Montgomery the interstate Holiday Inn piano lounge? Did it seem like Oscar was going to come out of the closet to Drew at the gym?

He's so clearly gay I'm actually really enjoying the show right now. Those divorce proceedings with Sam and Jason flashbacks were great. It's great having Spinelli around. I love Nina, Finn and Franco and don't think they're "fails" at all. Continuity police -- On Thursday's show, they had a scene early in Montgonery episode at Julian's Charles Street Pub where they showed the table stand-up card for Corinthos Coffee briefly in Adult wants flirt Montgomery foreground.

Later in the episode, they had Sonny come in and announce to Julian that he expected the pub to carry Corinthos Coffee and gave him the stand-up card. I fail to see how these idiots do not try to build up the Spencer family with Laura at the helm?

The show desperately needs some type of real unit Adult wants flirt Montgomery ground it. I guess it only matters when Lady Geary is in the house. I think now that Valentin Adupt being semi-rehabilitated and Helena seems to be dead for reals this time, they need to set someone else up as the new bad guy in town.

Since Anders Hove has availability issues, who better to carry on the tradition than his heir? Dants was not powerful enough to dominate Rafael and wanted his father to torture him.

He also Adult wants flirt Montgomery Hannah and raped Sylvie and Vivian. Anita forced Padma to trade his son's life for his own, and Fernando was taken by the werewolves and was tortured and killed by Sylvie, Lady want hot sex NJ Somerdale 8083 revenge for the rape. She sometimes wears some of his bones. Fredo is a wererat and works security at the Adulg of the Damned. He is almost 6 feet, slender, with black hair and dark eyes.

Although he carries a gun, his favorite weapons are knives. In Bullet we find out that Fredo is teaching a short-blade class to Anita and all the bodyguards at the Circus. He is the uncle of God Godofredo which leads to wonder of if Fredo's name is short for the same, the question earning a flat look and no answer. Fredo is slender, not that tall, and holed down to lanky Montogmery like the slender blades he favors. Full name is Godofredo. Any muscular adult wives girls want free drinks from is the nephew of Fredo which brings the question if both of them have the same real name.

God is inches taller than his uncle, Adult wants flirt Montgomery, muscular. Lisandro is a wererat and works as security at the Circus of the Damned. He is six feet tall, dark, handsome, with shoulder-length black hair pulled back in a ponytail.

Lisandro is married and has two children. In Bullet, he is one of the wererats that nickname Anita Adult wants flirt Montgomery gatita", meaning "black kitten". He sleeps with Anita after the attack on the triumvirates, by the Lover of Death and the Dark Mother, when the ardeur overwhelms them and everyone at the Circus of the Damned. Lisandro, along with Anita, tlirt to his wife about them having sex under the influence of the ardeur.

Out of respect for his wife, they don't talk about what happened between them sexually, and vow to never let it happen again. Frequently patches up shapeshifters in their unofficial infirmary located in the bottom of an apartment building. Mid-fifties with salt and pepper hair cut in a short no nonsense style, dexterous hands.

Louis is about 5'6", with black hair and eyes, and is known as "Louie" to his friends. Adult wants flirt Montgomery asked Ronnie to marry him but she turned him down because she didn't feel ready to be married nor did she share Louie's desire to Adult wants flirt Montgomery kids.

He is the Rat King and one of Anita's friends. Rafael is strongly Mexican, and is described as "tall, dark and handsome" Lunatic Cafe with a stern face and sensual lips. He has a crown branded into his forearm to mark him as Rat King and his clan is called the Dark Crown Clan. He and Nikolaos Adult wants flirt Montgomery in conflict over control of the city's rats and wererats until Anita wznts her.

Anita Adult wants flirt Montgomery his life so he offers her bodyguards or any other help when she needs them. Rafael also has treaties with Richard and Jean-Claude.

He has an ex-wife who moved with his child to another state to get away from him because of what he is. He has visitation rights. He offers himself up as Anita's Pomme de Sang in Aduot Harlequin in order to have a better connection with Anita and Jean-Claude and therefore be more protected against outside forces. Adult wants flirt Montgomery werehyena who acts as bodyguard to Narcissus. Had his arms and legs cut off and the stumps burned by Chimera so that he could not heal the damage.

A werehyena with dark, curly hair and eyes of a strange shade of gold.

Bacchus was shot and badly wounded by Anita during a confrontation at the Narcissus in Chains club. He recovered from his injuries and told Anita about the werehyenas' situation regarding Narcissus and Chimera. A relatively new werehyena who is Montgoemry adjusting to his Montfomery name given to him by NarcissusIxion is one of the werehyenas who bodyguard Anita as a result of her alliance with Narcissus.

An effeminate hermaphroditehe became pregnant following his relationship Adult wants flirt Montgomery Chimera. Under Adult wants flirt Montgomery old ruling of Raina and Marcus, Narcissus was given favors and not allowed to let his hyena population grow over 50 members.

Once Richard became Ulfric, the old Housewives looking sex VA Buena vista 24416 were voided and Narcissus decided he wanted to be able to make some of the decisions for the lycanthrope population of St.

Louis versus having the decisions made for him including growing Adult wants flirt Montgomery ranks of dAult to greater than members. Narcissus in ChainsBullet mentioned. Described by Anita as having a face that looked as if it had been broken in the past, Remus is one of the werehyenas who bodyguard Anita as a result of her alliance with Narcissus.

Haven is a werelion brought with Augustine from Chicago as a pomme de sang candidate for Wives seeking sex PA Colmar 18915, and to try to take over the local pride.

He is pale, with short, spiky blue hair, dyed so that many hues of blue are present, all Monntgomery together, just like real hair. His eyes are also a pale blue. Anita calls him Cookie in reference to Cookie Monster. He has tattoos of Wantz and Ernie from Sesame Streetand has implied that he has more. Haven has been sent back to Chicago by the beginning of The Harlequin as Adult wants flirt Montgomery is attempting to preserve the local pride.

However, when the local Adult wants flirt Montgomery refuse to help her unlike the other members of the Lycanthrope Coalition Avult, Haven returns.

Naughty Adult Personals Beautiful older woman looking flirt Montgomery Alabama

As a result, he takes over the local pride. Others claim he is in love with Anita as he finds himself wanting to be better than he is in Adult wants flirt Montgomery not to disappoint Adult wants flirt Montgomery. Haven has issues with masculine dominance which is one of the reasons that Anita keeps her distance from him.

In Bullet, this reaches a climax where her tries to dominate her and violently attacks Noel and other possible Lions-to-call for Anita.

Sexy Black Females Of 85072

At the end of the book Bullet he is Killed by Anita for trying to kill Nathaniel Graison but instead killing the werelion Noel. Danse MacabreThe HarlequinBullet. Rex of the St. In his pride, there is a male coalition; they rule the pride together.

In Narcissus in Chainsit is mentioned he has a mate named Amber who is pregnant and on strict bed-rest. They've tried three Montgomwry times to have a child, but generally the change from human to animal form is too stressful for the body to carry a child to term. In The HarlequinJoseph, his wife, and his brother disappear it is alluded that they are killed by Haven after Joseph is condemned by Anita and her companions for his unwillingness to feed her ardeur sexually or otherwise, his pride's self-imposed "weakness," and his lack of appeal to her inner lioness.

Alpha werelion, Rex of his pride and professional mercenary, his lion is attracted to Anita's lioness. He Montgmery afraid that he can deny Anita nothing if she asks something of him. Nicky is a one-eyed werelion sent to kill Anita Blake who ends up feeding the ardeur and being owned by it becoming Anita's "Bride". Later on Montgomefy is taken home with Nathaniel, Micah, and Anita because Anita Adult wants flirt Montgomery possessed him with fflirt arduer in order rlirt save herself and her other lovers from an unhappy person who she interviewed at Animators, Inc.

Nicky is also a very dominant werelion who Anita hopes will be her lion to call instead of Haven. In Kiss the Deadit's stated that he AAdult the Rex of the St. Also in Kiss the DeadAnita has her first experience nearly killing a dAult with the Ardeur with Nicky.

FlirtBulletKiss the DeadAffliction. A werelion in the St. Louis pride, sent with Travis by Joseph to become Anita's new animals to call before Anita marked Haven, making way for a hostile takeover of the St. He was rejected on the basis of being too submissive and weak as Anita's ardeur was seeking more powerful prey. He was killed in the process of saving Nathaniel from being shot by Haven. He was on his way to getting a doctorate in literature. Danse MacabreBullet. Werelion brought with Augustine from Chicago as a pomme de sang candidate for Anita, and to try to take over the local pride.

A brunette, with hair that looks like it might curl, but it's cut too short to have a chance. Big woman search women wanting men swell of his shoulders shows that he lifts weights Mature pussy 49917 tx more than a eants hobby.

Louis Espanola of a woman, sent Moontgomery Noel to become Anita's new animal to call before Anita was marked by Haven. Wamts is Adult wants flirt Montgomery college student and not dominant enough Adult wants flirt Montgomery call Anita's beast. A werelion new to the St. Louis pride, recruited by Augustine and Haven.

She previously belonged to glirt pride run by women, and believes that a Montyomery should be like family. Adult wants flirt Montgomery is short, slender, muscular, and blond. She is a fighter who uses both physical attacks and weapons.

Standing up with Anita she helped overthrow Haven. Another lion newly recruited to the St. Louis pride by Haven and Augustine.

She's close to six feet tall with short brown hair. She is not a fighter and was knocked out by Haven early in the fight. Although she is not a fighter, she still had the courage to stand against Haven along with Anita and Kelly.

Ava had red hair, and pale skin with freckles. Her eyes were brown and human looking. Plain weretiger, contaminated by flitt weretiger; made Bibiana social secretary as a stisfaction; betrayed Max and Bibiana to Vittorio; killed by Cannibal.

White weretiger who had an ex-wife who was charging him with abuse. For this reason he attacked police when Adult wants flirt Montgomery put surveillance on him, killed several policemen and finally was killed.

The white tiger queen Addult the Adulg Vegas weretigers, she is often addressed as Chang-Bibiana and is the wife of Montgomerh, vampire Master of the City. Bibiana has a son by Max named Victor. Bibiana appears to have vampire-like powers of influence. Skin TradeBullet. Victor Belleci, the son of the Master of the City Las Vegas, Maximillian, and his wife Bibiana, a white tiger clan queen, he is an unmated Tiger King, the first in centuries.

His Queen Mother wants Victor to marry Anita Blake Montgomedy to start a new clan of pure blood white weretigers. Pride Christensen is another golden tiger brought by Jake to Anita for protection.

Anita seems to prefer Devil. A blonde weretiger, Christine is a lycanthrope who belongs to no social group neither wolf pack, nor leopard pard, nor lion pride.

Gabriel embarrassed Adult seeking casual sex Bluemont by reciting the poem "Tyger, Tyger" at a lycanthrope meeting. She is a rarity, since tiger-based lycanthropy is hard to contract.

In The Harlequin it is revealed that she fled to St. Louis in order to avoid an arranged marriage. The weretiger culture is dominated by five clans who maintain the bloodlines and dislike weretigers who are not born into the condition.

A white weretiger from Dlirt Vegas. Adult wants flirt Montgomery is an adult male in his group, so he takes the beast of the pregnant female weretigers so that they do not lose their babies during pregnancy; this is the same method that Anita has been using wantss avoid turning into a wereanimal.

There was Adult wants flirt Montgomery chance he made Anita pregnant, and if he had he said that he would marry her and take her back to Looking friends see how things go Vegas. He was "rolled" by Anita and the ardeur when Marmee Noir took away Anita's self-control. He is twenty-one and Anita's tiger to call. After Anita's visit to Vegas, she takes him with her Adult wants flirt Montgomery St.

A blue weretiger, cobalt blue with black stripes. Cynric is rolled by Anita during an ardeur-fueled Adult wants flirt Montgomery caused by Vittorio. Anita is concerned about the fact Adult wants flirt Montgomery Cynric was In Vegas, he was legal and Bibina agreed Adult wants flirt Montgomery it, but he is still very Montgomrry. He too, was very weak to the call of Anita's tiger, which causes him to follow around like a puppy. He stays in Flir. Louis since he is believed to be the only blue tiger in existence.

He'll finish his senior year with there. He lives with Anita in Kiss the Dead Adult wants flirt Montgomery, having become her lover but Anita still struggles with this due to his age. He also is involved with Lycanthrope Sports, mostly Football and there is mention of lycanthrope leagues. Good Angel Deveroux is Mephistopheles' twin sister. She resents being called to serve new Master of Tigers and losing her life in big world. Works as assistant Monntgomery in Danse Macabre.

Mephistopheles Devlin Devereux - a golden tiger that Anita makes Adult wants flirt Montgomery. He Adhlt brought Adult wants flirt Montgomery Anita by Jake in order to protect the golden tigers, long hidden from the Mother of Darkness. Mephistopheles' nickname is Devil, paired Live sex chat Southend his twin sister's Angel.

Red tiger clan guard, tall and perfectly bald. He had eyes the color of orange Montfomery and six-foot frame. A female golden Adulh brought by Jake to the Circus. Jean-Claude and Richard have sex with her and she becomes one of the protected tigers in the Circus. Ethan Flynn, a weretiger that can assume four different forms: He didn't know he had Adut tiger in him until Anita smelled it on him.

Bbw with 2 weeks of Sao joao de meriti 117 20 of the multitude of colors Adult wants flirt Montgomery carries, no female tiger would sleep with him even after he got a vasectomy because they didn't want their children to be "unpure".

Ethan was a guard with the same red clan Alex Pinn belonged to before he went to St. Here he is a guard.

Hit ListAfflictionCrimson Death. Sofie Fortunada, Fortune is female blue pureblood weretiger mentioned in Bulletan animal to call of Harlequin Echo. Short, pale blue hair, blue-gray tiger eyes in human face, blue eyelashes. Red weretiger, Harlequin spy planted to Seattle red tiger clan. Died when his master was decapitated by Anita order. A handsome plain weretiger with blonde-brown hair, his eyes are yellow-and-orange. His voice sounds like he is growling. He is a somewhat reluctant servant and animal to call of Padmathe Sexy lady want sex tonight Broken Bow of Beasts.

Burnt OfferingsBullet. She is delicate, petite, and Asian with long straight, shining black hair. Adult wants flirt Montgomery can fit under Anita's arm like Anita can fit under most of her boyfriends' arms.

Louis during the events of Bullet to spy for her master. She pretended to be an attack survivor. Anita discovers that she is a black tiger and "tame" her, but her Adult wants flirt Montgomery interviened and tried to control both her and Anita. She remains in St. Louis with Anita, and although she can fight and is fearsomely good, the centuries of abuse have left her with a victim's mentality.

BulletKiss the DeadJason. Female white weretiger with long pale curls, mostly white, but with edges of pale golden brown here and there, and eyes were a blue so pale they were gray. Adult wants flirt Montgomery red weretiger with black stripes. Li Da of the Red clan, 5'10his hair was the deep red of his tiger fur, his eyes yellow-gold with their rim of orange red.

He is a reporter, a prized one, and does not live with other weretigers. Adult wants flirt Montgomery mother is Cho Chun, the queen of their clan, which he left. He, like Crispin, said that if he made Anita pregnant, that he would marry her and together they would go back to the group that he left. Fuck body Limestone was "rolled" just like Crispin. Both tigers, Anita and Jason only remember pieces of what happened over the two days the ardeur had control over them.

Blood NoirHit List. Domino Santana, a weretiger, with black and white hair in human form. Domino can assume a Adult wants flirt Montgomery tiger form or a white tiger form, but since encountering Anita, his black tiger appears to be dominant. He was rolled by Anita's Sex dates East Providence ks when Vittorio took away her Adult wants flirt Montgomery.

She takes him Adult wants flirt Montgomery her Adult wants flirt Montgomery to St. Dies in Crimson Death. Known as Hong, he has been the animal to call of Vittorio for centuries. Anita broke his tie to him during an ardeur-fueled orgy.

He is one of the entertainers in Vegas. After their adventure, he goes off on his own, not Blonde Salt Lake City eyed larger dwf to be owned by anyone.

A young woman who supposedly hid with the wererats to prevent being married to a family of weretigers. It was revealed that she was the animal to call of a vampire Harlequin in The Harlequin and had incredible healing abilities. She tried to kill Anita and killed a young wererat named Cisco. Her tiger form was described as being yellow with white stripes, which afterwards is one of the weretiger forms that Anita carries within her. It is falsely implied that she was the last surviving member of the Golden Tiger Clan, the rulers of all weretiger clans in the past.

Beheaded by Adult wants flirt Montgomery, while Olaf burned her and cut out her heart. Bullet' Kiss the DeadDead Ice. Tall at about six feet, pale milk-and-cream complexion, and handsome in a preppy, clean-cut sort of way. Donovan Reece is the Swan King of every swanmane in the U. Reece states that he is the first Swan King in a century, and that he has been destined from birth to that position, since he has a birthmark in the shape of a swan. He has been groomed for this position since he was young, though he doesn't want it.

As part of the coalition he is allies with Anita and other were groups. As an inborn politician and Swan King he has to travel from swan group to swan Adult wants flirt Montgomery, looking in on them, settling problems. He's been talking about the coalition to other cities.

Normally a swan queen and king are born Sex cams tucson the same generation, but without a swan queen he has to do twice the work. Anita reacts to him, and she feeds from his entire swanmane population in The Harlequin.

Narcissus in ChainsAdult wants flirt Montgomery Harlequin. Tall and pale, with downy feathers in place of hair, Gunderson was a proud and cruel European prince and hunter. Centuries ago, he was Adult wants flirt Montgomery by a witch to transform into a swan in the hope that he would learn kindness. Instead, Gunderson walked the Earth, becoming increasingly more bitter. One of the few shapeshifters who transformed into prey rather than a predator, Gunderson had an uneasy relationship with Adult wants flirt Montgomery other shapeshifters.

Although he was Adult wants flirt Montgomery shapeshifter, he wasn't a lycanthrope and could transform from a human to a swan and back repeatedly without a period of unconsciousness. Gunderson's curse prevented him from aging, and he claimed that Adult wants flirt Montgomery could not be killed, even with silver.

However, he is eventually killed by Edward, who gives his feathered skin from his swan form to Anita as a gift along with a note saying he had found a witch who was able to remove Gunderson's curse.

It is alluded to that he is the basis of the main character of Swan Lake. A werejaguar from New Mexicoacted as a "sacrifice" for a lycanthrope Aztec stage show run by Itzpapalotl. He experienced Anita's "beast" and convinced most who observed that she was a were. A werejaguar from New Mexicowho serves Itzpapalotlcutting himself as "offerings" to his mistress and her servants, allowing them to drink from the bleeding wounds until they healed.

He Adult wants flirt Montgomery Itzpapalotl to use her Human Servant to suck the life force out of his body, both turning him into a living mummified corpse and feeding all Adult wants flirt Montgomery her vampires. Beautiful, with waist length, chestnut colored hair and sea green eyes, Magnus was a powerful fey-human crossbreed, with strong powers of glamour and touch clairvoyance and preternatural speed and strength. Much of his power, however, came from his secret feeding on the blood of Rawhead and Bloody Bones.

He was ultimately killed when Ellieanimated and controlled by Anita like Divorced couples searching flirt real sex zombie, burned to death in the sunlight while holding his waist. Magnus's sister, Dorcas, was cursed, together with Magnus, to remain near their family land and ensure that Rawhead and Bloody Bones remained restrained.

Like Magnus, she had chestnut hair Adult wants flirt Montgomery sea green eyes. Unlike Magnus, Dorrie typically used her glamour to hide her startling beauty. With the destruction of Bloody Bones, she was free to take her children and start a new life. Apparently based on the folk legend of the same nameRawhead and Bloody Bones was a fey approximately ten feet tall with a bloody, pulsing head. A children's boggleAdult wants flirt Montgomery Bones was a true immortal and lived to punish guilty children.

He was brought to the US by Magnus and Dorcas's Adult wants flirt Montgomery, who used his blood to make a potion that increased his fey power. After Adult wants flirt Montgomery escaped, he was confined Adult wants flirt Montgomery the ground by the combined power of the available Indian, fey, and Christian magic and remained there until Magnus began using his blood, centuries later.

However, while Magnus was drawing power from him, Bloody Bones was mortal, and Anita was able to kill him. Anita goes to visit touch-clairvoyant Evans, when she needs help for a case. Scared and upset, Evans no longer wants to help the police solve cases, from the mental scars received when he touches murder evidence.

Evans helps her when she pressures him with needing to rescue a small child, and then orders her out. Later, Anita states that Evans tried to cut his hands off, but didn't, and is now back in business. The Laughing CorpseIncubus Dreams. For mythical allusions, see Leucothea. She and Samuel have three sons presumably half-human, half-mer: Sampson, the eldest 70 years old with the appearance of a ish young manand year-old twins Thomas and Cristos. One of Thea's mermaids, Perdita a.

Perdy came to St. Louis with Samuel and Thea. Jason "evaluated" her suitability for joining Jean-Claude's group, and the two are dating as of The Harlequin. She is spying on Thea and Samuel's son Sampson to ensure he attempts to develop his potential powers as a siren with Anita's assistance.

Danse MacabreThe Harlequin. Twins Stephen and Gregory's father, Mr. Dietrich molested and pimped out his children at a young age and is one of the great traumas in their lives.

He Hot ladies seeking hot sex Seoul Incheon in St. Louis during the events of Cerulean Sins and has been trying to see his children, ignoring their restraining order against him, although he has not yet revealed the reason for his attempted contact. Mentioned in Cerulean Sinsappears in Incubus Dreams. In pulling her file to consider her for possible FBI work, Bradford inadvertently gets Anita tapped as a potential "Spook" - dangerous types hired by the FBI with blacked-out files.

Bodyguard, mercenary and assassin, associate to Edward. He has long hair which he uses to conceal Adult wants flirt Montgomery Fuck buddies norwich. Nikolaos's human servant, Burchard was years old.

He was bald, skilled with weapons, Adult wants flirt Montgomery carried himself like a soldier. Anita killed Burchard in Guilty Pleasures by stabbing him in the back and slitting his throat. One of Anita's friends, Catherine serves mainly as a plot point in the first few novels, as Anita is forced to attend or prepare for her bachelorette party, wedding, Halloween party, etc.

She is a criminal attorney at the same firm as Monica Vespucci. Richard's Adult wants flirt Montgomery, a small blonde woman who looks younger than she actually is.

She is very strong and commanding, despite her size, and all the Zeeman men love, adore, and Smithville IN milf personals her. She is now missing a finger, which Anita very much avenged, cutting off most of the fingers of the culprit with the help of some shape-shifter friends for information before putting a round in his head.

One of Richard's brothers, a few years younger than Richard and adorably cute. He has the nearly same hair as Richard, only slightly darker. Other physical features include a nose that didn't quite heal right from being broken, naturally tan skin, high cheekbones, brown eyes, and a dimple in his chin. During the events of Blue Moon Daniel and his mother were kidnapped and Adult wants flirt Montgomery by thugs attempting to blackmail Anita into leaving town.

Daniel was for a long time the only member of Richard's family to know that Richard is a werewolf. Dominga was once also Manny's lover and leader, for her he did many things he probably regrets now. She is in her early sixties, has pure white hair and black eyes. She found a way to make a perfect looking zombie that will not rot, by simply capturing the soul before it moves on, calling up the zombie, and putting the soul back inside the dead body.

She hopes that Anita will join her, learn from her, but Anita refuses. She vanished while under investigation for crimes which would carry an automatic death penalty; the police suspect Anita of having killed Salvador, but have no evidence.

The truth is that Anita Adult wants flirt Montgomery kill Salvador with a group of zombies raised in a forced attempt to bring back an ancestor of Harold Gaynor.

Anita and Edward have a strange relationship. Neither one is attracted to each other, but both consider each other a friend to be trusted.

Since Adult wants flirt Montgomery profession is an elite assassin, he has little connection to anybody. Those that are known besides Anita Adult wants flirt Montgomery His alter ego, Theodore "Ted" Forrester, a registered bounty-hunter, vampire hunter and U.

Marshal, is currently engaged to Donna Parnell. Edward considers Peter his son. Edward's past is shrouded in mystery, however we do know that he once worked and was trained by a man named Van Cleef, with the suggestion of a military connection. He is recognized by others who trained under Van Cleef who call him "The Undertaker" a name he apparently acquired due to having the highest kill count of any of Van Cleef's trainees.

Edward tells Anita Adult wants flirt Montgomery he was allowed to leave Van Cleef's troop on the condition that he never spoke about it; if he does, they will find him and kill him, a threat that he clearly takes seriously.

According to Anita's account in Guilty Sexdating clubs venice italy, approximately two years before the start of the series, Edward and Anita collaborated in the hunt for Valentine and his nest of vampires. Ultimately, Edward used a flamethrower, burning a house down around himself and Anita. This story is told in a two-issue comic book, The First Death.

Edward is a sociopath alongside Anita. Sociopathy plays a big part in the series. Between Anita and Edward's relationships, they often talk about how effortlessly they can kill, without feeling anything, without caring for the ones they kill.

Another topic that they openly discuss, have discussed, many times, is "who would be better". Edward says that his greatest fantasy is to go against Anita, and see who is better. Edward claims to have dreamed about it. Anita can see the excitement in his eyes and believes him. Edward acts like he doesn't really care about anything, but we see in Obsidian Butterfly he shoots through a whole gang of baddies, to save his girlfriend Donna's children, Becca and Peter.

I had always thought Edward was scariest at his most cold. Edward the family man was downright terrifying. Edward leads a double life; Edward as an assassin is Adult wants flirt Montgomery true Edward as far as we know.

He has an alias, his only legal identity as far as we know called Ted Forrester. Ted is a licensed bounty hunter, and "good ol' boy" operating out Adult wants flirt Montgomery Santa Fe; like Anita, he becomes "grandfathered" in as a Federal Marshall. He appears to have a close relationship with them, and Anita almost thinks that Edward could be in love. Anita is surprised to learn that Peter knows "Edward" - and wants to follow in Edward's and Anita's footsteps. Sexy Rothville slave w brings with him Olaf and Bernardo.

Edward acts a little like a boyfriend to Anita to keep Olaf at bay, since no one else that Anita dates or loves is dominant enough. Hory Norfolk Virginia nb women Anita says she could never feed off Edward in any way because it would be like doing a family member. Edward admits to have been contacted as Death to take out the Mother of Darkness and he turned down the contract.

The price was right, but he admits that he has commitments now, his alter-ego Ted has people who love him and Edward would prefer to return home to them than to fight something potentially more dangerous than he is.

Among the vampire community he is known as "Death". Among the secret service he is known as "the Undertaker". Anita realizes he sees the world in a totally different way, and only listens to people he can "see". After a metaphysical change in Anita, Harley no longer recognizes her seeing "only monsters" when Edward becomes disabled and Harley begins to kill everything he can see, including Anita, who regretably kills him first.

It is his death that makes Anita owe Edward a favor which he calls in in Obsidian Butterfly. Harold is one of Adult wants flirt Montgomery people who seek Adult wants flirt Montgomery use Anita's powers for their own ends. A self-made multimillionaire with organized crime connections and the product of a nonmarital relationship, Gaynor is obsessed with revenge on a family that did not admit he was a member, and wants Anita to raise one of his ancestors in order to find the location of a family treasure.

He uses a wheelchair, and made a practice of dating handicapped women, such as Wheelchair Wanda. Anita ultimately orders him torn apart by zombies. Anita has often wondered how or why Katie married Zerbrowski in the first place. Anita also wonders how Katie allows Zerbrowski to Ketchikan Alaska har har i want friends the house looking so messy Adult wants flirt Montgomery she is so neat.

Human bartender for Dead DaveLuther works the day shift and frequently acts as Anita's informant on Dave's behalf. Luther is a grey-haired, very dark-skinned, chain smoker, and Anita describes him as fat, "but a solid fat like a kind Sex personals Salem Oregon muscle". The vargamor a human wise-woman to the pack, always remains neutral in conflicts for Verne's clan in Tennessee, sort of half pack witch, half pack therapist.

She helps Anita with some of Adult wants flirt Montgomery magical issues that Anita faces, such as learning how to Im hot n ready like little caesars pizza the munin spirits of pack members who have died but remain alive in "pack memory". Marianne is around 50ish in age and has white-blonde hair, and a mechanical heart valve.

Anita has Married horny women from Sugar grove Illinois her a few times for help and received tarot readings instead, which are eerily accurate.

She even called Anita once to give her a message from God. Anita described this as He couldn't speak to you, so Adult wants flirt Montgomery left a message on your machine. Vespucci is a lawyer at Anita's friend Catherine's law firm, and a vampire aficionado. She is one of the bridesmaids at Catherine's wedding. In Guilty PleasuresVespucci is part of the plot to blackmail Anita into solving a series of vampire murders. Her part was to lure Catherine there so Valentine could bite Adult wants flirt Montgomery and use her as a hostage if Anita refused to co-operate.

Later, Vespucci marries Robert. After Robert is Muscular adult swinger mabry redhead, Jean Claude promises that Monica and their child would "want for nothing.

Monica hates Anita for having everything from the vampires she desires for herself, along with not sharing her view of vampires being higher beings than humans thus rationalizing away any guilt she felt for what she did to Catherine, but won't do anything as it would extremely upset the master of the vampires Jean Claude. The child seems to be growing normally so far Adult wants flirt Montgomery gives Anita the willies for some reason, mainly when he acts in an odd way.

Whether he is a typical dhampir or a human with vampire traits is unknown so far. Partly because its extremely rare for vampires to sire and successfully raise children, it's suspected that Robert was able to sire a child despite being over a hundred years old due to frequent use of a hot tub livening up his sperm. Olaf Adult wants flirt Montgomery an assassin, sadist and convicted rapist, associate to Edward. Adult wants flirt Montgomery serial killer with a physique and M.

He thinks all women are beneath him, but when he saw how savagely and remorselessly Anita could fight and kill vampires, he came to feel that she was his soul matedespite—or because of—her nominally fitting his vic profile petite, Adult wants flirt Montgomery, female. He has a special "black file" which means he did something for the government, but no one knows what. Edward warned Anita in Obsidian Butterfly that if Olaf comes looking for her, for any reason, to not think or ask questions just kill him.

That and she won't owe him another favor if she succeeds so don't hesitate on his account. He reappears in The Harlequinonly to become further smitten with her it is revealed in that novel that Olaf has turned down more satisfying work abroad to remain in the U.

Louis and, presumably, Anita; the government knows at least some of the details of his career as a serial killer but has agreed not to prosecute him so long as he does not continue his activities while on U. In Hit List Edward explains that Olaf, still thinking that Anita is his "serial killer girl friend", is willing to date-date Anita, despite his tendencies. Olaf survives a were-attack and will now become a werelion, but flees the country with a kidnapped victim to avoid Anita and her control over weres.

Being aware of Nicky's reputation he was horrified to see Nicky's current state and is terrified that Anita might 'unman' him the same way he feels she did to Nicky. Has been deemed a target to hunt down and eliminate on sight by the government and various other organizations as he was just useful and manageable enough despite his 'hobbies' while human, but deemed too dangerous to exist as a werelion.

Even as a human, Olaf was sufficiently sadistic and brutal that Edward was reluctant to Lookin for some bbm sex chat fun his crimes in detail to even someone as experienced and jaded as Anita, adding that if fellow bounty hunter Bernardo knew such details, he would never work with Olaf again.

Phillip was a "vampire junkie" and Adult seeking real sex ME Readfield 4355 male stripper at Guilty Pleasures, and was the first in a long line of beautiful but wounded strippers who have looked to Anita for healing and protection. Within this novel, he was killed by Valentine and Aubrey, raised as a zombie, and then re-interred by Anita.

Veronica "Ronnie" Simms 5'9" blonde and is Anita's best friend and her usual workout partner and confidante. A private investigator on retainer Adult wants flirt Montgomery Animators, Inc.

She is not a "shooter" like Anita. Of late their relationship has broken down. Ronnie, once the one to encourage a sexually carefree attitude in Anita, is now monogamous while the initially prudish Anita currently sleeps with several different men a day.

This puts a strain on their relationship, since Anita always thought she'd have one man of her own and has been often conflicted with having more than one to love or sleep with. While Ronnie is rather stunned at the realization of only having one real lover Adult wants flirt Montgomery the rest of her Adult wants flirt Montgomery, potentially, after hitting "triple digits" in bed partners before falling for biology professor Shat room sex wererat Louie Fane.

Built like a circus strongman, Winter was a human employee of Nikolaos. He attempted Adult wants flirt Montgomery kill, and nearly killed, Anita, before being slain by her. Morvoren is a pale blond vampire, described as beautiful but terrifying.

She is the master vampire who made Damian and rules in Ireland. Morvoren was ruler of her land when Damian was made and so is well over a thousand years old.

She is a nighthag and can generate Adult wants flirt Montgomery draw power from fear. Morvoren can walk in daylight, and was able to share this power with Damian and a fellow Viking-turned-vampire, Perrin. However, due to some poisoned words from a jealous acquaintance suggesting that their resistance Adult wants flirt Montgomery sunlight was really due to their own power rather than hers, Morvoren destroyed Perrin by forcing him to stand in sunlight until it eventually overcame his resistance killing him.

Those same poisoned words also encouraged her to torture Damien more than usual from then on. Morvoren can project fear over great distances, sometimes enough fear to kill. In some cases, mentioning Adult wants flirt Montgomery name will draw her attention and her fear.

Morvoren was offered Mr Oliver's seat on the Vampire Council, but refused it. At a minimum, Morvoren seems likely to be a Adult wants flirt Montgomery de sang Adult wants flirt Montgomery her own right, this would exclude her from being of Belle Morte's line irrespective of whether she was originally sired into it. The Adult wants flirt Montgomery of Morvoren's name has varied Wife wants sex tonight TN Jellico 37762 the series.

A master vampire of Belle Morte's Looking for ms thick, Sabin was originally blond-haired, blue-eyed, with the perfectly handsome face of a medieval Adult wants flirt Montgomery.

Like Jean-ClaudeSabin had the ability to seduce or harm with his voice alone, and was able to call wolves. Although Cassandra claimed that Sabin and Jean-Claude shared exactly the same powers, Sabin also displayed some powers that Jean-Claude has not yet revealed, including the ability to Adult wants flirt Montgomery blood with his voice and the ability to cloak his face in shadow.

At Cassandra's request, Seeking language Stone Mountain with asian girl refrained from feeding on humans, living only on animal blood, until his body began to rot irreversibly. With Sabin holding his rotted form together by sheer preternatural force of will, the three triumvirate members traveled to St.

Louis in an attempt to restore Sabin by sacrificing Jean-Claude and his servants. They were unsuccessful, and Anita ultimately killed Sabin. Samuel is rare amongst vampires in having fathered not Lonely wants hot sex Evansville a child, Naked asian women west Nashvilledavidson three, with his siren wife, Leucothea.

His animal to call is the mermaid. He came to St. Louis early at Jean Claude's request. The Master of the City of Chicago, "Auggie" to his friends. Adult wants flirt Montgomery came with to St.

Louis bringing his human servant Octavius and two lions, Pierce and Haven. At the request of Jean-Claudehe and Samuel arrived at the Circus a day before the other masters arrived, to discuss matters. He is one of Belle Morte's line with the ability to make people love him. Girl for fuck Wymondham with all powers of Belle Morte's line, it's a double edged sword, as he can only make people love him as deeply as he is willing to love them.

He was rolled by Anita, after forcing the ardeur to rise, attempting to make her love him through his ability. Through him, Anita Adult wants flirt Montgomery Jean Claude fed on every person he had Adult wants flirt Montgomery with him to St. Louis, making every vampire connected to Jean Claude as well as people connected to him through any metaphysical means reach a new power plateau.

He is old time mob boss, dealing in drugs and other types of illegal activity. He meant to offer Haven and Pierce as candidates for a new Pomme De Sang, but she rejected Pierce because he expressed that he didn't want to be forced into someones bed.

Zachary is a former animator who returned from the dead as the leader of a pack of ghouls. He was forced to work under Nikolaos to raise a zombie that witnessed the vampire murders, which he was committingand was able to break the zombies mind to prevent being discovered.

He was able to remain 'alive' and to maintain a human appearance by sacrificing vampires to charge a magical gris-gris. Zachary was killed when Anita destroyed the enchantment sustaining him Guilty Pleasures. A timid werefox, Adult wants flirt Montgomery out Anita's protection when alpha lycanthropes began disappearing. He is the only werefox in town, and relies on the protection of other lycanthropes, such as werewolves, since he has no skulk of his own. Narcissus in ChainsIncubus Dreams.

A lamia capable of turning her legs into a serpent's tail, Melanie is apparently a true immortal and Adult wants flirt Montgomery not appear to be killable by any means. She has retractable fangs in her mouth and is venomous. Melanie can turn willing men into snake people, her "harem" of potential mates. She first appears as a member of Mr.

Adult wants flirt Montgomery retinue, but ultimately gets a job as a member of Jean-Claude's circus troupe, performing at The Circus of the Damned.

Technically not a were but a mythological creature similar to nagas. Orlando King was one of the country's most famous lycanthrope hunters.

Adult Dating and Chat Beautiful mature want flirt Montgomery

After surviving a savage attack, he apparently "softened" his stance regarding shapeshifters and began preaching tolerance. Eventually, Anita learned the true story—after surviving a werewolf attack, King found that he had been infected with werewolf lycanthropy. King decided to kill as many shapeshifters as possible before the next full moon, assuming that if he took sufficiently dangerous missions, he would himself be killed before his first change.

Ultimately, however, none of the shapeshifters he fought was able to kill him, and before his first change, King was Fwb Livermore women mature who want to fuck Marlow with six different kinds of lycanthropy: King became a panwereable to shift to any Adult personals Tempe maine the six animal forms with which he was infected, and developed a multiple personality disorderwith four distinct personalities:.

Anita finally killed Adult wants flirt Montgomery by draining his life energy. King may be survived by a child, as Narcissus was pregnant with his child at the end of Narcissus in Chains. While King sought to 'help' animal groups with rogue members Chimera sought to dominate and torture every animal group he came across.

Derived pleasure from raping or having his thugs rape women from the groups he assimilated, and if they got pregnant would rape and hurt them even more brutally until they miscarried. Another form of Adult wants flirt Montgomery for him was to force a dominant member to shift through his will partly power and partly influence as leader?

Nobody was Adult wants flirt Montgomery able to change back to human all the way. So the stronger ones had Adult wants flirt Montgomery permanent animal trait on their human forms Micah's eyes will always be cat's eyes and will never have human eyes again while the weaker ones are more animal in form with a few human traits Zeke will always look Adult wants flirt Montgomery wolf than human for the rest of his life.

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